Bill Knoche, the "No BS Sales Coach"

Bill Knoche is no BS sales guy... He's a contrarian. He likes the business of selling and he loves people. He learns the old-fashioned way, by trying new things, listening for what works, what opens people up and what shuts them down. There are a lot of things that salespeople have been told to say when using the phone that actually drives up buyer resistance.

Bill believes that effective communication is the key to becoming a great sales person. It has far more to do with being a great listener than it has to do with being a great talker. Most sales people don't spend a lot of time listening... and just because they aren't talking doesn't mean that they are listening. In most cases when a sales person isn't talking, he's not listening, he's simply thinking about what he's going to say when the buyer stops talking.

It's important to understand that buyers must know beyond the question of a doubt that they have said what they need to say so you understand what they want to buy. When salespeople are poor listeners, people are not inclined to take action and buy.

Stand-Up Selling isn't about talking more, it's listening more and talking less, effective communication. Bill will help you understand that the real Selling is in silence... the space between the words and in the tonality and pace in which the words are delivered. Tonality is the guidance system that delivers the words to the target.

Sales Coaching Reality

Bill is a realist when it comes to coaching. He knows the majority of good salespeople are happy being good salespeople. They have no interest in doing the work or investing the time and money and getting from good to great because good is good enough.

Those salespeople that aren't satisfied with good enough, and invest in getting from good to great, will always find it easier to meet more people, open more doors, close more sales, make more money, have more fun, and live more life!

Not everyone's ready to live more life or have more fun. There are good reasons for it... most people have been conditioned not to expect great things in life. This conditioning took place as they grew up. Parents who love their kids and don't want them to get hurt, say things to their children to protect them. It's with their best intentions that the message is delivered that maybe you shouldn't try something too hard because you might fail.

The Outlaw Sales Guys

Bill Knoche is an Outlaw in the world of selling... he breaks all the rules when it comes to selling and has been coaching others for years... you're going to love him. The truth is there are times you might hate him too because he's going to listen to you talk, listen to you sell, and then he's going to tell you the truth about what he hears. He'll tell you what you could be doing differently and you might not like hearing that. As good as he is at getting his arms around people and telling them the honest truth gently without making them wrong, they still might not want to hear it. "There are none as blind as those who will not see".

People pay big bucks to listen to other sales trainers that are just rehashing old, worn-out ideas. Fast talking and manipulation is a thing of the past that's still being packaged and sold in books and on CDs with new covers, new slogans, and new fonts. They make money selling them to you, but you'll never make money using them.

As you work with Bill you will discover new ways to think, new ways to respond, and new ways to communicate with and engage the people in your life, you will not only move from good to great in selling you will have more fun selling, you will make more money and you will have far less stress.

Making the transition from good to GREAT sales:

  • Less Talking and more listening
  • Less selling and more collaborating
  • Less begging for business or hinting for handouts and more straight talk, more authenticity and more communication and connection



A man who will update you're thinking and increase your profits. Not only will this outrageous, good-looking man simplify your life, he will guide your people down the more efficient path... your sales staff will definitely know how to get the job done without being pushy.

-Suzanne Cansdale, Golden Solutions

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